What can I expect during the process?

You’ll have consultation (50% off if you ‘re having the drip) and tests to determine deficiencies. A cannula is placed in a vein …

Do I need to prepare myself in any way?

Not at all. Our medical professionals will guide you on the day.

How long does it take?

Please ensure you allow for an hour to an hour and a half for the full process, including post-process monitoring

Is it painful?

There is a small prick and slight discomfort when placing a needle in your arm.

How often is it recommended?

Since this varies, our clinicians will guide you on this based on your specific needs.

Are there any side effects?

This is highly unlikely. However, any minor procedure involving needles could potentially have side slight effects. For example, slight bruising where the needle …

Is it possible to overdose on this?

It is possible, but this should not happen if you follow the guidelines of your medical practitioner

Any other questions

Please submit them via the contact form below, or email us on