A Good Choice for Patients

Epione Health Villages are facilities offering a host of primary care needs in one place


Patient satisfaction is our mantra

Patients are at the centre of all that we do – from the design or our space to healthcare delivery philosophies and methods used by our doctors. Your feedback is welcomed and will help us better serve you.


Everyone is welcome

This place is for you – no matter your status in society or how you identify. We embrace people from all backgrounds.


Affordability broadens access to care

Healthcare can get expensive, so we are also working on exploring unique payment models to improve access to care.


Tech to enhance patient experience

Book appointments, virtual consults, remote monitoring, e-Scripts, COVID-19 results in-app, 24/7 access to your EHR and more, using epione.net


Proudly African in all we do

In time, free and/or subsidised care for those who otherwise couldn’t afford private healthcare services.
Environmentally conscious.
Wheelchair accessible.
Supports local talent and producers across all our procurement needs.


Proudly African in all we do

Our clinicians and management team pride themselves on being honest inclusive, accessible, accountable, value and values driven, evidence-based.

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A True Partnership for Clinicians

Epione Health Villages’ ownership mix is designed to ensure alignment of interests between the clinicians and the operator

A Good Choice for Clinicians

Collective Bargaining Voice

Negotiating leverage in:

  • Contracts negotiation
  • Bulk equipment + consumables purchase
  • Group malpractice insurance

Professional and Lifestyle Flexibility

With EHV Clinicians have:

  • A fully operational supported practice management, bolstered by digital healthtech solutions
  • Easy schedule management
  • Predictable income stream and timing
  • Improved work-life balance through teamwork

Care Co-ordination, Collaboration and Convenience

Clinicians can:

  • Coordinate patient care across the practice on epione.net
  • Collaborate on a patient case on epione.net
  • Learn from each other on new technologies and clinical techniques

Financial Benefits

Clinicians benefit from:

  • Fully funded set-up costs
  • Additional earning opportunities through strategic opportunities

Upskilling & Continuous Innovation

Take advantage of:

  • International clinical collaborations
  • Mentorship programs
  • Electronic CPD points access

Multi-Disciplinary Clinical Advisory Board

The Board is there to advise on:

  • Leadership and quality improvements
  • Coordinated, independent clinical governance
  • Policy and regulatory adherence